The LLX is the next generation of battery-operated LED headlights. It features an efficient modern light module design made from robust aluminum, which leads to greater durability during transport and handling. More power efficient batteries with a lower voltage that lead to a 3 hour run time at full output. When paired with our new extended life batteries run time at full output is doubled to 6 hours total. This new battery-operated LED headlight is intended to directly compete with other high-end portable LED systems in the market

Features & Benefits:
• Newly designed aluminum metal module with less noticeable fan noise
• New 14.4 volt batteries with less heat generation and extended run time
• New Extended life batteries (SSL-2054BE-DBL) with 6 hour run time at full output.
• New protection circuit within all batteries to prevent damage from depletion.
• 20mm to 110mm variable spot
• 70K lux at 16”/40cm

Suggested Areas of use:
• Neuro
• Spine
• General
• Plastic