Established over 50 years ago, Cuda Surgical is a leading global supplier of Fiberoptic Illumination and Visualization products and systems. We are also strongly committed to providing exceptional value to our customers through innovation in products and services coupled with high quality, economic manufacturing in an ISO 13485 certified environment.

Our goal is to deliver premium products on time, while meeting all regulatory requirements and exceeding our customer expectations.

We are the sole company in the medical device industry that exclusively manufactures 100% of their own parts and equipment. We execute the manufacturing process literally every step of the way – from the very first concept to the finished product and everything in between.

Investing in the development of our products gives us the ability to maintain the high standard of quality and performance in which we pride ourselves. From the drawing board, to the parts used in our lightsources and medical equipment, we accomplish all critical aspects in-house.

This streamlining process benefits our customers by offering competitive prices on the most up to date medical equipment, fast service and repair times, and having the assurance that every part in the product is being used meets our high standards and will meet the great expectations of our customers.

Why Choose CUDA Surgical?

CUDA Surgical products are reliable in situations where there is no room for error; you can depend on our high quality, state of the art technology in your medical practice. And because we manufacture 100% of our products and equipment ourselves, you can be guaranteed top products at a competitive price.