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Cuda Surgical
Manufacturing the most brilliant lightsources, headlights and fiberoptic cables on the market is one of the ways Cuda Surgical serves the needs of many in the medical, dental and industrial fields worldwide. Our engineering team applies the latest advances in technology available today to manufacture high quality innovative products. We offer products and services when and where you need them most with unparalleled customer service and training available. It is through the reliability of both our products and our services that we proudly build valuable long term relationships with our clients.

Are you a Resident?

Get exclusive pricing on our LED 4700 Battery Operated LED Surgical Headlight:

LLS-4700 System with choice of Headband and Single Bay Charger: $3,150.00
LLS-4700 System with choice of Headband and Dual Bay Charger: $3,275.00

System includes:

10 watt LED Headlight with choice of a Hard Headband or Soft Headband
Battery Pack with two Standard Rechargeable Batteries
Single Bay or a Dual Bay Battery Charger Option
Reusable, autoclavable Joysticks for positioning light spot
Carrying Bag for storage

6 Months Financing Available

We understand that investing in premium equipment is a significant decision. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you flexible financing options. Take advantage of our 6-month financing plan to make this system yours!

Request Formal Resident Pricing Here  » Limited-time offer. Proof of residency will be required.


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