Cuda® Surgical maintains a knowledgeable Customer Support Department, eager to help you with your fiberoptic needs. Our friendly and helpful Customer Support Specialists are able to share their proficient expertise on Illumination, Video and Fiberoptic Products. Being a proven leader in Fiberoptic Technology and utilizing our computer-based MRP operating system, allows us to efficiently help you with order placement, product information, quotations, interchangeability information, order follow-up, spare part identification, and distributor referral. We’re here to help when you need us most.

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Please contact our customer service department for local distribution information.


From time to time your medical devices may require some type of maintenance to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Cuda® Surgical has a well equipped Service and Repair Department ready and waiting to provide services such as evaluating functionality, cleaning, adjusting or replacing any parts necessary, refurbishing products, and testing repaired/refurbished products to ensure that the products meet all specifications. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times for any products returned for repair.


Cuda® Surgical has available a team of experts to provide immediate technical support for our illumination products, fiberoptic cables, dental probes and video documentation systems. When you contact us for technical support, you will be directed to the appropriate professional who will evaluate your request and ensure that you are provided complete and accurate information to address your issue. Our Engineers and Repair Technicians are proficient in troubleshooting and we go that extra mile to take care of our customers.