Battery Operated LED headlights for Surgery

CNH-80B Deluxe Neuro Headlight

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CUDA Neuro Head Light

Product Details

  • Designed specifically for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery.
  • Variable focus module has a rotating ring for complete control of spot size (20mm to 80mm @ 16”).
  • Sterilizable joystick for position control included.
  • Headband is lightweight with dual ratchet style adjustments on top and rear.
  • Disposable moisture-wicking open cell foam pads provide the comfort and coolness needed by surgeons.
  • Lightweight Bifurcated 3.5mm Headlight Cable 9ft Long has reinforced silicone sheathing on the main body of the cable to ensure protection to the internal fibers during daily use.

Part Numbers

CNH-80B Cuda Neuro 80mm Variable Spot, Dual Adjust Headband.
CNH-80S Cuda Neuro 80mm Variable Spot, Straight Cable.